What this Dad did when he found his 6 month old face down... 

His heart almost stopped as he feared the worst and then he checked for breathing, but it was too dark in the room to see movement and he could not hear any breathing.  

He knows rule number one of parenting “Never wake a sleeping baby”, but he had to take quick action in case she was suffocating so he immediately gently turned her over. As he rolled her over he saw that her face was squashed with the imprint of a soft toy that was left in her crib and the first thing that rushed through his head was “how does that emergency CPR that they taught us at the hospital, work again?”, but before he could think any further Eva loudly confirmed that she is just fine, thank you very much, and kept doing so at the top of her voice for the next few minutes. Thank God, he sighed with relief.  

“Never have I been so happy to hear her crying, he said.  

After putting her on her back (as is strongly advised by the Back is Best campaign of the USA Child Safety Association) and a few minutes of singing Baa Baa Black Sheep, she was safely fast asleep on her back. This was all good and a huge relief for Dad, however, he knew that his little girl has just reached the age where she could roll over on her belly, but not yet roll back on her back.  

This had him very worried because it was 1:00 o'clock at night and there was no way he was going to leave her bedside until she is old enough to roll back on her back so he stood there watching his little princess sleep peacefully for a few hours.  

After a while he realised this could take many months of no sleep, so he decided to use the rest of the night to find a sustainable solution. He searched the internet and found nothing that seemed to work and is also safe, so being a mechanical Engineer, Dad took fate in his own hands. He decided right there to use whatever materials he could find in the room and made his own safety device. It had to prevent the baby from rolling on her back, but still, give her free movement whilst it had to have zero risks of strangulation or suffocation. Oh yes, and don’t wake the sleeping baby.  

By sunrise, that morning he had Eva sleeping safely using his hand-made invention and the best of it was that he could install it without waking her up. Yes, she could continue sleeping! Of course, he stayed there monitoring her for hours to make sure she was safe until she woke in the morning. Over the next few months, he perfected his device and monitored her sleeping with it until he was 100% confident of its safety and function.  

He then realised that most parents have this fear when their babies are between about 3 months and 6 months old when they know the baby can roll over and not yet roll back on its back, so he decided to make a more commercial version of his "baby anti-roll device" called Nurturally and offered it to other parents.  

They all loved it and could not stop talking about how they just could not sleep in peace if the baby was not safe with his Nurturally Baby Anti Roll Support in the crib. 

Eva is a happy, healthy toddler now and he hopes that Nurturally Baby Anti Roll Support will bring peace of mind to other parents with babies at that stage of their life. 

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